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Workshop for Solo and Small Law Firm Owners

on January 24, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona



Running your own law firm requires you to wear many hats:

lawyer, salesperson, HR, marketer, manager, etc. It is a lot!


The good news is you do not have to build your practice alone! We can help and have an event just for you.


We are building a community of entrepreneurial minded lawyers interested in generating more revenue, less headache, and building a fulfilling legal practice.


Get plugged in by joining us at our next workshop!


I look forward to meeting you and will see you at the event!

Robert F. Gruler Jr., Esq.

Founding Partner, R&R Law Group

What is Legal Marketing Mastery?

No more "pay-and-pray" marketing.

Start building valuable legal marketing assets on channels you control.

Why Law Firm Marketing Mastery?

  • Meet Marketing Leaders

    Stop listening to the legal marketing vultures and hear from real law firm marketing experts.

  • Build Marketing Assets

    Learn how to build marketing assets and channels that you control.

  • Discover the latest in Legal Marketing

    Learn where legal marketing is going in 2020 as your hear from professional legal marketers.

  • Connect with Other Lawyers

    Build your network with other local attorneys and get plugged in with referral partners.

  • Convert More Potential Clients

    Learn how prospects think and communicate your message to convert them into clients.

  • Reduce your Firm's Marketing Costs

    No more "pay-and-pray" marketing. Start spending your money wisely.

  • Get Help and Overcome Roadblocks

    Hear from other lawyers who have solved the problems you are facing with your practice.

  • Stand Out in your crowded Legal Niche

    Build a reputation that sets you apart. Don't compete, dominate your niche.

Learn from Legal Marketing Experts

The internet is filed with "marketing experts" and "gurus" who claim they can solve all your law firm marketing problems. At this workshop we cut through the noise. Our speakers are all local to Arizona and have experience working directly with law firms to elevate their message.

Max Anderson is the founder of a local video production agency, Picnic Tree Productions. Max is a marketing guru who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get seen utilizing the power of video. Max has an impressive portfolio, working with major brands like Nextiva, Mountain Point Medical Center and Journey Payroll Solutions. Max is speaking on the power of video and how to effectively use video in your business.

Max Anderson

Founder and Director at Picnic Tree Productions

Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") is what it takes to get you on the first page of Google. Getting your law firm's content on the 1st page of Google is critical to your law firm's success. Scott Weber is the Founder of, a local Arizona-based digital marketing agency. Scott joins the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Workshop to share tips on getting your legal content on the first page.

Scott Weber

Founder and CEO at

After you have built our your marketing assets, you need to drive traffic to your funnels. Vrinda Mamundi is a former Google employer and paid-advertising expert. She has helped businesses around the world develop their paid advertising strategy in a way that reduces their costs, delivers better conversion rates, higher ROI's, and crowds out the competition. She joins the workshop to share her insight on pay-per-click strategies for law firms.

Vrinda Mamundi

Founder and CEO at XN-Solutions

Troy Henson is business coach who helps small businesses become big businesses. He works with business owners from all over Arizona and the country to help remove roadblocks that are impeding their growth. Coach Troy is joining the workshop to provide a guided session on identifying your "big rocks" for 2020 and creating a plan for making the most of the workshop.

Troy Henson

Founder and Lead Coach at EVOC Excellence Business Coaching


Understand your Target Client Avatar.

Follow along through our 9-step exercise to join the conversation your prospective clients are already having in their head.

  • Learn how to target your A+, best, #1 clients using simple demographics.

  • Identify the roadblocks clients create for themselves to sabotage working with you.

  • Gain insight to overcome your potential clients' common objections to retaining legal services.


Build your legal video marketing assets.

Video is the crux of building your legal marketing assets. It is critical in 2020 and beyond.

  • Learn the exact equipment you need and how to use it to get started immediately.

  • Understand the software needed and resources we use to quickly and easily produce a video.

  • Discover how to find profitable legal topics for video material and how to script your recording.


Start a legal podcast.

Build an audience and expand your reach. The best referral tool you never knew existed.

  • Learn how to maximize your firms sphere of influence using the podcast format.

  • See the exact equipment that is necessary and the software used to record your show.

  • Discover where to publish your show on the popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify.


Host Legal Events. 

Hosting in-person live legal events builds instant credibility and lasting referral partners.

  • Learn how to structure a presentation that will engage your audience.

  • Discover how to identify speaking and presenting opportunities.

  • Learn how to build a list of prospective clients and generate lasting referral partners.


Leave with a Plan of Action for the Year

Information is great but worthless if not put to use. Leave with a 12-month plan for building out your law firm's marketing assets.

  • Set an overall theme for your firm's future. Do you want to 10x your revenue? Let's plan it.

  • Identify milestone objectives that will help you keep momentum through out the year.

  • Build your plan quarter-by-quarter until you reach your destination.

Law Firm Marketing Mastery 2020 Workshop

January 24, 2020 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Building legal marketing assets is the new law firm marketing in 2020 and beyond.

When savvy law firm owners realize the untapped value that exists with this method for their practice,

there will be a gold rush to replicate what we are teaching at this workshop.

Let's get started now.

Regular Price: $997

Today's Price:

$497 for 1 Seat

$597 for 2 Seats

(bring your assistant or a friend and save 30%!)

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10x Investment Guarantee

I firmly believe that the insight, techniques, connections, tools, and mindset shift you receive from this workshop will be worth at least 10 times your investment. If at the end of the workshop you do not leave with at least $5,000 worth of value, let me know and I will refund your entire ticket.

Robert F. Gruler Jr., Esq.

Founder, R&R Law Group & Gruler Method

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