Video marketing system to build a $3 million law firm.

Lawyers! Skyrocket your law firm with in-house video marketing strategies (like we do)

Most lawyers running their own firms know they need to be producing more video content. The problem is they don't know how.


When we started our law firm in 2014 I had an inkling video would be helpful in growing our practice. But if I new then what I know now, I would've dropped everything and poured it into legal video marketing.


Today, our videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are our firm's biggest marketing tool. It took 5 years, but when I went all in with video in 2018, I had no idea exactly how powerful it would be.


Now, I have a team and a system built that helps me produce 60 pieces of legal related videos and 14 non-legal podcasts every month.


Our firm has grown massively and in January 2020 we are moving into a new 9,500 SF office space to keep up with the growth.


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Law Firm Video Marketing Strategies

  • How to find profitable legal video topics that will bring you clients.

  • The 7 key parts of a legal informational video that converts prospective clients.

  • The equipment you need to get started recording now.

Robert F. Gruler Jr., Esq.

Founding Partner at the R&R Law Group, a criminal defense law firm in Scottsdale, Arizona, Robert has built a marketing system that generates over 3 million dollars in annual revenue at his practice.

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